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Timeless Tattoo Supply is a complete Tattoo Supply Company providing Artists with Top Quality Handmade Tattoo Machines and Tattoo machine Parts.


Made in America by skilled Tattoo Artists.


 We also sell a full line of Tattoo Supplies and Tattoo and Piercing After Care products.


We started building Handmade Tattoo Machines in 1996 and have been honing are skills ever since. In 2007 we began making top quality Tattoo Machine Parts with quality and durability in mind.

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Timeless Tattoo Supply - Handmade Tattoo Machines & Parts
Featured Items
The Sailer
Custom handmade tattoo machine:The Sailer is a good color machine and every day work horse. All my handmade machines are guaranteed for life.
The Pearl
Custom handmade tattoo machine:She's a trusty machine, The Pearl is great for packing color and an every day work horse. All my handmade machines are guaranteed for life.
The Disco
Custom tattoo machine The Disco gives you that extra glamor and glitz. Awesome an every day dependable runner .
Custom tattoo machine Keep it revved up with the Java custom machine. Perfect for everyday use.
L&L Liner
Custom tattoo machine L&L Liner is a great every day runner .
1.25" Large Mag Disposable Tubes Box Of 15
These unique disposable tubes feature a soft Black Silicone grip with a clear tip that makes it easy to see ink. They are built to avoid excessive needle movements inside the tube.
In Stock!
We are an American Company Manufacturing the Finest Handmade 
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