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Timeless Tattoo Supply - Handmade Tattoo Machines & Parts
Category List
Custom made Armature Bars for Tattoo Machines.
Tattoo machine base plates, short base plate, long base plate and drop vice base plate.
Tattoo machine binders mad from copper, steel and brass. tattoo machine binder sets.
Cartridge tattoo needles for easy change out.
Cartridge Needles
Clean Room Supply's, Sterilization Pouches, cleaning tools.
Tattoo machine clip cords that are made in the USA. heavy duty clip cord.
Tattoo machine coil core washers made from phenolic, fiber, PVC and poly pro.
5/16" and 3/8", Double E-clip and T-top tattoo machine coil cores made from 1018 steel.Do your own hand wrapped coil cores for your hand made tattoo machine. Finest tattoo machine parts available.
Hand wrapped coils, 5/16" core and 3/8" core. Your choice of washers and coil cover
Tattoo machine contact and set screws made from brass, copper and steel.
Custom Designed and American Made Tattoo Machines. Our Machines are Made for Professionals, by Tattoo Professionals.
Disposable Tattoo tubes and grip. soft silicone grip and clear tip.
Disposable Tubes
Handmade tattoo machines. Set of Timeless Iron tattoo machines,liner and shader. These machines are a great every day runner. All my handmade machines are guaranteed for life.
Tattoo machine coil core kits, screw kits, tap, die and drill kit.
Tattooing products for tattooing. Ointments, Gloves,Surgical Tape, Sterilization pouches, After Care, Band aids and Dressing, Infectious Control, Tongue Depressors.
Tattoo machine O-ring for armature bars.
Highest quality microblading blades. Made of medical grade stainless steel. Each blade is sterilized by Gamma Rays and carefully packed into sealed blister packaging
Permanent Makeup
Touch screen,rotates 180,Strong power,fit's all machines,can set screen background.Android system like smart phone,can load any APP with wifi.Bluetooth available, easy for listening to music while working.You can import & browse information.
power Supply
Rotary tattoo machines
Tattoo machine Button head and socket head screws and screw kits.
Tattoo machine shoulder washers. Shoulder washers come in red, grey, black.
Tattoo machine shrink tube for tattoo machine coils.
Tattoo machine spring steel stock and springs for tattoo machine.
Spray Stuff,Stencil Stuff, for longer lasting precision tattoo stencils
Tattoo supply's, sterile Items & Bandages. Discide wipes.
Ink cups,rubber bands.
Individual Bottles 1, 2 & 4oz Bottles
Tattoo Ink
This is where you can check out my custom machines that have sold in the past. They are gone but not forgotten.
Handmade tattoo machine frames.
Pre-made high quality tattooing needles, from the finest line's to the big mags. These are the finest needles on the market.
Tattoo Shop Equipment, Arm rest
Tattoo machine building tools, tap,die, drill bits, T handle Allen wrench, punch set.
Tattoo machine washers and shims
Tattoo machine wing nuts, brass, bronze and steel. iron and bronze bat wing nuts.
Tattoo machine yokes made from 1018 steel. S-yoke, basic yoke.
Featured Items
Custom tattoo machine Keep it revved up with the Java custom machine. Perfect for everyday use.
Shorty Side Wheeler
Shorty Side Wheeler. This machine is good for running 1,3,5,and 7tights, it probably won't push the bigger liners.
In Stock!
Synguard Blue Nitrile Exam Gloves
Extraordinary strength and puncture resistance while maintaining tactile sensitivity. 100 gloves per box. Contains no allergy causing natural rubber proteins Commonly used in tattoo other first responder markets Ambidextrous, Non-Sterile, Powder Free
In Stock!
1 1/4" Black T-top coil cores
1 1/4" x 5/16 Black T-top tattoo machine coil cores, made from 1018 steel. Make your own handmade tattoo machine.Great for making custom hand wrapped coil cores for your hand made tattoo machines. The finest tattoo machine parts available.
In Stock!
Shorty Red
Custom tattoo machine The Rock'n Shorty Red is a great dependable machine for everyday use.
1" disposable Tubes Box Of 20
These unique disposable tubes feature a soft Black Silicone grip with a clear tip that makes it easy to see ink. They are built to avoid excessive needle movements inside the tube.
In Stock!
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